Time Management Software – Office Employee

In an office environment, this type of employee is usually not confronted with strict rules and is usually a designated workstation. Two options for time recording are available.

Option 1:

The timestamp solution for the Windows PC can be installed on a workstation, simple and easy to use for the employee. It can be installed directly on the employee’s workstation, allowing him to record his hours directly from his computer.

This means that the employee does not have to travel to the factory or any other place in the building, which facilitates and accelerates the recording of their working hours. The Windows PC time stamp cannot be installed on a mobile phone, so the employee must be in his position when entering time. The PC time stamp does not use the employee’s time of day, so the employee cannot change the time of arrival or departure.

Option 2:

The web entry.

It is also possible to enter time directly on a web browser like Chrome, Firefox or Explorer. However, with this method it would be possible to change the time of the workstation or the computer and in this way check the time of arrival or exit on their workstation.

Depending on predefined corrections and exceptions rules, it is possible to highlight employees’ attendance whether they actually do the total number of scheduled hours per week or per day.

The clerk will have the opportunity, through personalized access management, to make his vacation management, mobile leave, as well as managing their time banks.

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