Mobile employee, mobile tracking tool

Companies requiring mobile employees are facing major challenges. The first is to ensure that the employee is actually at the scheduled time and place. Our time management software can solve this challenge by using one of the following 3 strategies or a combination of the three.

Strategy 1:

Time recording by mobile phone – used mainly for frequent travel. The employee can use his mobile phone as a time machine by authorizing geolocation. With GPS data collected by the mobile phone of the employee, it is possible to locate the place a few tens of meters. You will then be able to compare the geolocalized location with the planned location to the employee’s schedule and thus generate an alarm if the employee is not in the right place.

Strategy 2:

Entering hours by landline telephone – used primarily by companies in housekeeping or with employees working directly with the customer. This type of strategy is often used in household maintenance businesses. The employee uses the landline telephone at the customer’s premises, and the phone number identifies the location of the call and will be entered on the timesheet instantly. You will be able to follow your employees in real time. An alarm will be sent to you by e-mail or SMS in case of absence or delay of the employee at the customer. You will be in a proactive mode and not in a reactive.

Strategy 3:

Mobile Site Pointer – used mainly for construction companies with employees working on sites that do not have the internet and electricity. The cellular data transmission model can be installed in a construction trailer and allows employees to take their time when they arrive at the construction site. This solution is adapted to mobile teams working for several months in the same location. In addition this type of timer has a battery that can keep its charge up to 16 hours.

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