Biometric Time Attendance Retail

Retail businesses need to combine with a multitude of management challenges, including identity theft, it is not uncommon for an employee to record the time of a colleague to work, so the theft of time is very common. To solve this problem, we suggest you use a biometric timer at a very affordable price, and you will be able to solve the theft of time.

Other management challenges such as delays and attendance, too long coffee breaks and meals are also a reality facing leaders. With exception rules, you will be able to identify non-compliant employees and also reward employees with the best attendance at work.

In an environment such as retail trade, the scheduled work schedules are not homogeneous, employees must be able to be notified promptly of any changes to their work schedules.

This challenge will now be easy to manage through our flexible work schedules. In just a few clicks, the regular schedule or any changes made may be sent to employees by e-mail and copied to a supervisor.

Your employees will be able to view their schedules from their mobile phones or other devices with a web browser. You will, of course, be able to print your work schedules and display them in the usual place.

Automated correction rules will minimize manual corrections. For example, employees exceeding the number of minutes allowed for the coffee break could automatically see their total hours of the day reduced by the number of minutes taken in excess. The same is true for the correction of meals too short or the employees arriving too early. This proves to be a significant monetary gain for the company after one year.

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Proposal as a suggestion, other input methods could also be used according to your preferences!


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