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secure time management sofware
time management software

Security profile and configurable access

According to employees’ status in the business, you can configure their access to different sections of the software. Whether you only enable access to display the schedule or allow a supervisor to view time sheets in order to correct and approve hours worked, the system’s great flexibility of customization will certainly meet all your needs.

Alerts and notifications according to your needs

Alerts are configurable with the Exceptions. According to your priorities, absences, delays, overtime, etc. You can receive a message by email, by text message or directly in the Web Presence software’s inbox.

alarm notifications
timesheet software

Managing absences and tardiness

A work schedule will help you keep track of employee absenteeism or tardiness directly in their personal record. You will also be able to approve or not any absences or tardiness.

Flexible schedule planning

Create flexible schedules easily and quickly. Those schedules are available as soon as you have authorized their publication. As a result, your employees will be able to view their work schedule from their secure Web portal. If you prefer, you can use the function for sending schedules by email, which is really useful to quickly inform employees of changes.

staff scheduling software
staff scheduling software

Automatization of corrections and simulations

In order to minimize the work load of employees in charge of the payroll run, Web Presence automatically adjusts the hours transmitted by the different time tracking systems. Thanks to the function that allows customization of your corrections, you can focus entirely on managing exceptions.

Processing Overtime, Time Banks, Holidays and Bonuses

Thanks to the distinct and easy display of overtime according to your customized parameters, the principal administrator or a supervisor can approve or not your overtime according to your Rules.

With Web Presence, you can create all the time banks required for your needs. Administration can add or remove hours quickly or allow employees to enter or withdraw hours directly from their customized portal.

Configure holidays and bonuses using groups according to the needs and features of different types of employees.

time banks
time management software exportation

Export and import data

To save time and eliminate the risk of errors resulting from data transcription, it is possible to export the hours worked to your financial system or accounting software securely, and to group them by earnings codes. To accelerate the configuration of your software, you will be able to import data from a previously configured file. Note that it is possible export all the software’s data to Excel.